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My Hobbies


I have gaming ever since I was a kid. It amazes me to see how far video games have come, and the progression it has taken.


Watching anime as a kid I have always been interested really. I may even design my own one day.


I have played sports my whole life, and have an appreciation for all pass times. Hopefully I can continue to play even at an older age.

performance Arts

Performing Arts has always been an interest of mine. I use to sing in the school chorus so watching a persons art is amazing to me


My Known Languages
Progamming! Converting coffee into code

My experience at the YWeb Career Academy has given me a wide range of skills including HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Sketch and more.

In addition to technical skills, I gained experience in teamwork on projects and job-readiness skills.

This time has helped me realize how passionate I am about web-development and I would love to continue my education with your help. I am Also Trained in scrum and group exercising.

  • PHP

    Personal Home Page

  • CSS

    Cascading Style Sheet

  • JS


  • HTML

    Hyper Text Markup language


Interesting things about me
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I am 19 years old and originally from Chicago. I currently an aspiring junior web designer, and intern at the YWCA. I live in madison, WI.
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Some of my interest are basketball, gaming, performance art, and music. I am a hard worker and creative person. I hope to one day change the world with innovative novelties and inventions, using code.
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I have a passion for coding and look forward to excelling in the tech field. I’m a great people person and I like to make others happy.
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I do pride myself in being a video game connoisseur. I would love to be apart of a video game production company.

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